Pilot program to support youth start-ups_2018.04.17-19_Gobi-Altai

Location: Gobi-Altai aimag

Participants: 70 people (41 male, 29 female)

Objective: Promote the development of start-up businesses in the local community, cultivate a start-up ecosystem at aimag and district level, support start-ups led by youth, and build the capacity and mindset of the local youth to manage start-up businesses.

Participation: The pilot programs were organized in partnership with the local Labour and Welfare Service Departments and Start-up Mongolia NGO involving active participation of the Governor’s offices of Gobi-Altai, representatives from local private companies, Development Solutions NGO and the participants of the pilot program.

As result of the 3-day Pitch event following teams and their ideas were selected by referees:

First place: “Soyombo” team for their idea to produce sleeping bags with sheep wool.

Second place: “Golden Star” team for their plan to produce jelly drink powder with fruits and quark.

Third place: “Bronze horse” team for their plan to produce leather products.

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