Date: 2017.06.14-15

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Participants: 24 people (13 female, 11 male)

Objective: Prepare national volunteer mentors and mentoring coordinators to support young startup and small/medium entrepreneurs through sharing of business and professional knowledge and best practices as well as equipping them with necessary communication skills.

Participation: The training workshop was organized in partnership with “Development Solution” NGO involving LWSD specialists in charge of programs and projects in target 8 aimags and 2 districts as well as private sector representatives.

Outcomes: In total ten local mentors and ten mentoring coordinators were prepared and capacitated with skills and knowledge to provide mentoring services to local start-ups and entrepreneurs. The two day training program involved modular training on main concepts of mentoring relations; roles and responsibilities of mentors, mentees and coordinators; communication methods and techniques for effective mentoring relations; and how to communicate the mentoring service outcomes. The local mentors and coordinators prepared through the project will be connected with the start-up winners for building and strengthening the mentoring relations between them.

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