Training on “Business model, business plan and project management” and Preparing master trainers supporting “Local business development” young herders_2018.04.25-29

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Participants: 18 people (10 female, 8 male)

Objective: Equip participants with methods and tools for introducing project innovative approaches in project management, assessment and analysis. Prepare master trainers to support local herders interested in running a business.

Participation: The training seminar was organized in partnership with the Mongolian National Business Incubators’ Federation involving participants from the General Agency for Labour and Welfare Services, Mongolian National Business Incubators’ Federation and Aimag and district Business Incubator Centers.

Outcomes: The training was composed of the following two parts: 1)“Local business development” herder employment promotion  two days advanced level training for master trainers prepared through ILO “Start your business” and “Develop your business” programs and 2)Three days training on introducing project international approaches, implement project management and make assessment and analysis on business projects.

As a result of the training capacity of master trainers and moderators was built to conduct local business development training and consulting by using improved training methodology, using handbooks and reference materials, and working on real cases. It also created the possibility and environment for disseminating innovative approaches, and provide services to local businesses, created the possibility to increase the participation of business incubator centers in supporting and developing young start-up businesses at local level.

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