Training on “Quantitative and qualitative assessment methodology for local labour market demand and supply survey”_2018.04.18-19_Zavkhan

Location: Zavkhan aimag

Participants: 46 people (22M, 24F)

Objective: Capacitate the local research team to conduct an effective labour market survey using quantitative and qualitative methods, and improve the practical skills of the team to develop a survey questionnaire and forms.

Participation: The training was organized in partnership with the local Governors Offices and Labour and Welfare Service Departments, involving representatives from aimag Governor’s Office, local Employment Council and VET council, managers and specialists at local Labour and Welfare Service Department, soum specialists in charge of labour issues, specialists at statistics division, staff of MONEF, and Trade Union local branch, coordinators of Youth Development Center, HR managers of local employers. In Zavkhan aimag the training was organized in partnership with EU STVET-2 and SeCim project.

Outcomes: Participants prepared the list of local labour market information collected and used by their own initiatives, as well as data required in the future. They also developed draft questionnaire forms to be used for the following labour market demand quantitative and qualitative surveys: Employers’ survey; Self-employed and herder survey; Survey on youth students and youth employed; Questionnaire to be used for a survey from university, institute and polytechnic college.

As a result of the technical content of the training seminar, participants strengthened their knowledge on the following fields: Current conditions of youth employment and start-up development; Fundaments of the Labour Market Information; Quantitative and qualitative assessments of local Labour Market and Methodology on sampling of local economic entities and organizations, survey collection, and processing.

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