Date: 2017.05.22-24

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Participants: 14 people (11 female, 3 male)

Objective: Design the Concept and outline of the Group employment counseling modules for activation of youth job-seekers to maximize their chances for placement.

Participation: The training workshop was organized involving representatives from Labour Units of Labour and Welfare Service Divisions in Bayangol and Khan-Uul Districts of UB, Labour Units of Labour and Welfare Service Divisions in Govi-Altai and Umnu-Govi aimag; Mongolian Career Councellors Association; Training center in Khan-Uul district, UB; Model Career Counseling Centre in Bayankhongor aimag and Institute of Engineering Technology, UB.

Outcomes: As a result of the workshop, local public and private labour exchange organizations developed together with Mr.Constantin Lucian Pirjol, international short term expert (ISTE) the blueprint of a group employment counseling training for youth in order to integrate them on the open labour market. The training workshop was organized using a participatory approach, therefore, participants made their own contributions to the workshop topics that include: profile of the target group of young job-seekers; practices on modularized training unit (MTU)/ group employment counseling; international practices on group employment counseling and “Job Club” concept; development of a modularized training unit/group employment counseling for motivation and activation of youth; and development of the group training program.

ISTE will combine international experiences with Mongolian practice in group modular training – employment counseling and prepare materials for further detailed curriculum development. The modules will cover two to three half days per week over four week period. Participants will increase their self-esteem and maximize their chance to get a job (employability).

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