Youth Employment Service Pilot Desk Opening_2018.02.26

Location: Bayangol District, Ulaanbaatar

Participants: 70 people

Objective: Promote the activities of the Model Labour Division to local youth and labour market stakeholders, and raise awareness of the public about YEP project activities.

Participation: The inauguration ceremony organized in partnership with district Labour and Welfare Service Division was attended by District Governor; SDC, officials from Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, representatives from employers, district start-up support program beneficiaries, as well as local unemployed and young job seekers.

Outcomes: A partnership agreement was signed between district Labour and Welfare Service Division and YEP project to ensure effective implementation and oversight of Youth Employment Service Pilot Desk. During the inauguration ceremony, the participants were introduced with the pilot desk activities and premises. District start-up support program beneficiaries presented their products to the audience.


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